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Must-Haves for the Interventional Radiology Suite

Building an interventional radiology suite can be a smart investment, allowing interventional physicians to offer previously unavailable procedures. The question for most hospitals or outpatient facilities looking to build an interventional radiology suite is: what do we really need? How can we maximize our investment and the utility of the

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What the Appropriate Use Mandate Delay Means for Imaging Providers

Last month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that the Medicare Appropriate Use Criteria Program deadline had been extended yet again. Originally slated to take effect on January 1, 2021, the new deadline extends the start date by a full year. The rules and reimbursement guidance was

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ASNC Launches New COVID-19 Patient Confidence Toolkit

As the United States struggles with reopening, cardiologists report that concerns over the Coronavirus are keeping patients from seeking care. Recent data has shown that patients who postponed treatment early in the crisis are hesitant to reschedule, and individuals who are experiencing cardiac symptoms are delaying care. In response to

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How Imaging in the OR Works with the Ergo Camera

Nuclear gamma technology has changed dramatically over the last decade, and innovations that once sounded impossible are now in active use across the country. One such technology is portable nuclear gamma imaging. Unlike the heavy, large, and unreliable portable cameras of the past, new imagers are highly mobile and are

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Section 179 and Purchasing Nuclear Imaging Equipment

Has your practice been considering the purchase of new nuclear imaging equipment? If you haven’t looked into it already, now’s a great time to update yourself on Section 179 of the tax code and how it can help you. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (2018) saw some of the

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SNMMI Wraps Up 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging recently wrapped up their 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting, which was held on July 11-14. In response to the pandemic, SNMMI announced in late April that previously scheduled live conference in New Orleans was being replaced with a new virtual format. While vastly

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