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What Cardiologists Need to Know About Cardiac Amyloidosis

Cardiac amyloidosis is a systemic disease which affects the heart tissue. You may also hear it referred to as “stiff heart syndrome”.While it is relatively rare, if left unrecognized or untreated, it can progress to causing arrhythmias or congestive heart failure.Here is what cardiologists should know: What is cardiac amyloidosis?

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Y90 Therapy in Nuclear Medicine: What You Need to Know

Radioembolization with Y90 is a minimally invasive procedure primarily used in the treatment of liver cancer. In contrast to most nuclear medicine applications, Y90 is therapeutic and designed to treat rather than simply diagnose. It is estimated that 75% to 95% of patients see improvement from treatment, potentially extending their

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Inside the ASNC SPECT Imaging Guidelines

The field of nuclear cardiology has expanded greatly over the last few years, prompting an update of the ASNC SPECT Myocardial Perfusion Guidelines. Updated guidelines were published in May 2018 and include newer generation cameras, processing techniques, and key topics such as radiation reduction. These guidelines have also been endorsed

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SNMMI Highlighting PET/MRI and Therapeutics in Two Unique Events

Therapeutics and PET/MRI are both areas of intense focus and innovation in nuclear medicine. The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) is actively working to help members stay ahead of trends by holding two innovative conferences later this month that showcase these two topics. On October 25 –

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How Nuctrac Is Allowing Nuclear Medicine to Move to the Cloud

It’s no secret that the ordering and management of radioisotopes for nuclear imaging is a complicated and often cumbersome process. Nuctrac™ is a new, cloud-based software tool that nuclear departments are leveraging to simplify and streamline these tasks. The Basics of Nuctrac’s Nuclear Medicine Cloud Developed by Cardinal Health, Nuctrac

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After Stent Placement: What Happens with Patient Care?

Patient care after stent placement plays a critical role, both in their recovery and in preventing further issues. However, recent studies have found that many patients aren’t getting the care that they need post-placement. Just one in three patients enroll in recommended cardiac rehabilitation after their stent placement, according to

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How Old Is Too Old for a Nuclear Cardiology Gamma Camera?

Is your practice running an older gamma camera and, if so, how old is “too old” when it comes to those systems? If you think that manufacturers simply want you to keep upgrading you’re right, but there’s much more to the equation. Here’s when you should be considering upgrading your

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