Why Digirad?

service-photo-2Digirad’s Camera Support Team delivers exceptional service by factory trained authorized Digirad Service Engineers. We provide state-of-the-art imaging software and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for our Digirad imaging systems. Quality parts and Digirad Engineers ensure optimal functionality and performance of your Digirad system. Why would you accept anything less?

OEM Quality

Providing you with access to OEM expertise is the cornerstone of the service we deliver.  We are the only supplier of Digirad OEM parts. When you need to schedule a repair or routine maintenance, you can trust your Digirad product will be supported and maintained by the product experts.   We support our customers with the ever changing regulatory and accreditation requirements and continually focus on improving product design, usability, and reliability.

Reduced Clinical Risk

As the leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of solid-state medical imaging products and services, Digirad set the standard for quality solid-state imaging.   We only support clinical and technical best practice standards by setting high criteria for detector head repair and service.  These standards give you the confidence of knowing your system is functioning properly by being serviced and supported by our factory trained experts.

Experienced Support Staff

Our top priority is to deliver excellent, reliable service to you.  Our highly skilled staff is here to support you and maximize your system up-time by delivering superior remote or on-site service. Getting the most out of your imaging system is largely a combination of the skills of your staff and the performance of your camera.  Our specialized teams have the experience and knowledge necessary to quickly address your product questions and resolve any service related issue you may experience.

Product Security Updates

All interactive medical devices have product-specific security vulnerabilities.  We recognize these vulnerabilities and proactively update anti-virus software for our customers under Service agreements. We also ensure our remote service connections are HIPAA compliant to protect your information.

Software Updates

Digirad includes software updates with all Digirad equipment Service Agreement options.   Our proprietary software updates benefit you with the following:

  • Maximize your current investment and keep pace with innovation
  • Extend your system’s life-cycle
  • Stay current with clinical use and diagnostic capabilities
  • Often improve product serviceability, which can increase system performance

FDA Approved

Digirad is a FDA licensed manufacturer. Your 510(K) cleared medical device is  manufactured and maintained adhering to the suggested FDA standards and guidelines.  These standards are driven by safety, proven technical best practices, and sound engineering principles, resulting in a product which is designed to deliver high quality diagnostic imaging.

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