Imaging Services

Digirad offers wide range of imaging services designed to increase the efficiency and profitability of your nuclear lab. From mobile nuclear cardiology services to nuclear camera rentals and nuclear medicine support services, we’ve got you covered.

Offer a full range of cardiac imaging services without the ongoing financial commitment of full-time technologists, stress techs, and camera lease payments.

Interim services from Digirad brings long- or short-term nuclear imaging equipment rental to your facility.

Digirad offers nuclear medicine support services including radiopharmaceuticals, accreditation, and licensing.

Ideal for cardiac practices, satellite locations, and hospitals, the Digirad Fixed-Site program allows you to add comprehensive cardiac imaging with no long term financial commitment.

Imaging services from Digirad help hospitals and healthcare delivery systems grow their panel size, improve and expand coverage and increase the number of patients in the system.

Imaging Services

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Is mobile diagnostic imaging
right for you?

The Introduction to Mobile Diagnostic Imaging is a resource that explains how mobile imaging works and common mistakes to avoid mistakes before choosing a provider.

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