Digirad makes healthcare convenient.

We are the nationwide leader in delivering diagnostic expertise on an as needed, when needed, where needed basis.

Originally founded with a spirit of innovation in solid-state nuclear detector technology, we continue to innovate and adapt to the modern healthcare landscape. Today, we thrive as a pioneer with expertise across the healthcare spectrum that includes mobile diagnostic imaging, solid-state nuclear imaging and more.

Recognized by Insights Success Magazine as one of the Top-10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Solution Provider Companies, Digirad makes healthcare convenient through our unique model of on-demand, direct to point-of-service healthcare to thousands of providers across the country.

At the core of Digirad is our nationwide team of highly skilled professionals whose sole mission is to seamlessly provide a portfolio of diagnostic healthcare services. From a large hospital system to a single office practitioner, our scalable offerings assist providers in reducing their costs while at the same time improving efficiencies and the level of patient care.

In today’s value-driven healthcare environment, the Digirad approach helps providers adapt and thrive within a changing market. As your partner, we deliver the needed resources; be it staff, imaging equipment, or diagnostic logistics, directly to you at the point of patient care.

Digirad. Making healthcare convenient.

Making Healthcare Convenient. As Needed. When Needed. Where Needed.

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