SPECT MPI Imaging System
with Attenuation Correction

The X-ACT+ brings you to the forefront of solid-state technology with the only full field-of-view, triple-head, cardiac imaging system on the market.

The Ultimate SPECT MPI Camera

Attenuation Correction

Quality comparable to PET at a fraction of the cost

Rapid Imaging

Triple-head technology shortens scan times

Patient Friendly

Open and upright design makes imaging easy

Small Footprint

Fits in standard exam room and no shielding required

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The X-ACT+ features three,
solid-state detector heads
for fast acquisition times. 


The X-ACT+ provides
SPECT/CT like performance
with fluorescence x-ray
attenuation correction


On-board acquisition
and processing system
that is Windows 10 based


Upright imaging reduces
attenuation artifacts, provides
clearer images, and a
better patient experience.


Ergonomic design
that is patient friendly,
allowing for quick and
easy stress test studies.

Next Generation

Attenuation Correction

2 in 1

Captures both the emission and transmission scans using the same detectors.

High specificity, PET-like images reduce the number of false positives. 


Low Dose Fluorescence Attenuation Correction is standard and fully integrated.

See the Difference

True Solid-State

The X-ACT+ has three solid-state detectors and keeps the heart within the center of view.

Flexible Acquisition Options are Available

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Easy Install

The X-ACT+ allows for a simple and cost effective installation.The camera requires little space and is essentially plug-and-play.

Small Size

X-ACT+ fits in a standard exam room

Standard Floor

The camera weight allows for a standard floor

No Lead Lining

X-ACT+ does not require lead lined rooms

Standard Power

X-ACT+ utilizes a standard wall outlet for power


Why settle for yesterday’s technology, higher costs and less accurate information? The future of nuclear cardiology is clear.

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Download the X-ACT+ information kit to learn how true attenuation correction and high definition SPECT can help your facility.

X-ACT+ Imaging System

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