Ergo’s purpose is multi-purpose.

The Ergo™ Imaging System is Digirad’s advanced solid-state large field-of-view (LFOV) general purpose nuclear medicine imaging system. The single-head gamma camera is compact, lightweight, portable, and is designed to offer maximum clinical versatility, convenience, and flexibility for performing nuclear medicine studies (planar, gated, and dynamic) in imaging centers, outpatient service centers, and a variety of hospital settings (general nuclear medicine department, ICU, CCU, ER, OR, pediatrics, trauma units, patient floors, ambulatory services, women’s health, research lab).

Ergo Advantage

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We’re entering an era in nuclear medicine where we expect to be challenged like never before, to seek new ways to attain further improvements in quality, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

While many companies are addressing these challenges with a philosophy that ‘Bigger is Better,’ the Digirad Vision is geared toward making products that transcend the ordinary. In line with this thinking, Digirad has developed powerful solid-state technology that has radically transformed nuclear camera design, substantially raising overall performance capabilities, and significantly lowering total lifecycle costs.

The Digirad Ergo™ imager marks the beginning of a new genre of solid-state general purpose nuclear medicine cameras that expand utility and performance to a level that was not possible, until now. The Ergo™ is all about expanded possibilities.

It’s about taking breakthrough technology and entirely rethinking how to use it to make real gains in improving quality, increasing productivity, and reducing costs.


Clinical Images

The heart of the Ergo™ is its LFOV detector; Digirad’s most advanced solid-state detector technology yet. Getting images of unprecedented quality was a top design goal for the Ergo™.

That’s why the system delivers unsurpassed performance specifications for general imaging with intrinsic spatial resolution of 3.25 mm, energy resolution of 7.9% and count rate capabilities greater than 5 Mcps. The end result is superior image contrast and clarity for every patient study with a level of performance that is second to none.



The lightweight portable design and low profile wheelbase make it easy to maneuver the Ergo™ in the department, on patient floors and under nearly any patient bed or stretcher, maximizing the system’s imaging utility and convenience. With a narrow 29″ width, it is possible to easily enter 30″ doorways, turn in small hallways and maneuver around a patient’s bed.


The Ergo’s sleek open gantry design makes it convenient and easy to image patients sitting up and lying on stretchers or beds. The openness of the system is very patient friendly and its compact lightweight portable design makes it possible to use the system in nearly any room or department. The system requires no special room renovations and only 110V/15A of power.


Clinical flexibility and efficiency is enhanced with multiple compound motions, a long 36″ reach (detector parallel to floor) and, the portable base that affords an unlimited range of exciting new imaging possibilities in the department or on the floor. The detector has a thin 1⁄2″ edge on two sides that optimizes performance for a number of special applications.


The optional breast stabilization accessory combined with a thin 1⁄2” detector edge makes it possible to perform high quality molecular breast imaging (MBI) studies. The large FOV and high performance characteristics of the detectors enhance the outcomes of these procedures.


An open storage area at the back of the camera provides a convenient space to store patient syringes and miscellaneous supplies. An optional removable storage carrier provides an additional (0.7 Cu. Ft / 19.6 liters) of storage capacity for carrying ancillary equipment or supplies during portable use.


A laptop based acquisition workstation is mounted to a special swivel base making it possible to operate the system from either side of the camera. The operator control console provides comprehensive acquisition and viewing functionality, and supports Modality Worklist compatibility. A detachable hand control provides variable speed up/down detector motion and convenient start/stop acquisition functionality.


Six high performance collimator options (LEAP, LEHR, Pinhole, MEAP, Diverging, and MBI) provide the capability to provide outstanding imaging quality for a wide range of procedures for energy ranges from 50 to 350 keV. Quick release latch mechanisms and flip-up handles make changing collimators simple and fast. An optional collimator storage cart provides easy and convenient accessibility and storage for up to five collimators and one breast imaging accessory.


The large 12.2″ x 15.6″ FOV provides ideal utility for a wide range of procedures commonly performed in nuclear medicine or outside the department.

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