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Outreach solutions from Digirad help hospitals and healthcare delivery systems grow their panel size, improve and expand coverage and increase the number of patients in the system.



Gaps in your imaging network are costing you relationships, referrals, and revenue. Digirad will help you strengthen your imaging network, generate more referrals and grow your geographic footprint.

Adding cardiac imaging to satellite facilities and integrated physical locations is a smart way add convenience for patients and increase retention. With the Digirad healthcare system imaging program you can dramatically expand your services without any additional staffing or capital equipment purchases.


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See how a large Atlanta-area hospital system used the Digirad outreach solutions program to increase revenue, grow their panel size, and expand their presence in the community.

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The Digirad solution uses a three-phased process to maximize your diagnostic imaging network’s coverage map. We leverage our nationwide presence to increase your patient volume and diagnostic yield to change referral patterns.

Offer full-service imaging capabilities at all cardiac satellite locations

The first step in strengthening your imaging network is to offer complete imaging services at all cardiology clinics and satellites. This is the first step for growth by enhancing and capturing referrals.

Expand imaging services to all integrated physician locations

By leveraging the Digirad fleet you can offer imaging service at all your integrated physician offices. This dramatically grows your imaging network, enhances your cardiology service line and increases patient satisfaction.

Partner with non-integrated community physicians to offer imaging at their locations

Digirad will approach non-integrated community physicians, on your behalf, and contract with them to offer imaging services at their offices. Your system will provide the reading services and clinical decision support as an extension of your cardiovascular service line.

Outreach Solutions

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Is mobile diagnostic imaging
right for you?

The Introduction to Mobile Diagnostic Imaging is a resource that explains how mobile imaging works and common mistakes to avoid mistakes before choosing a provider.

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