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4 Ways to Modernize Your Nuclear Lab

While most cardiologists agree that modernizing their nuclear lab is important, many are unsure of where to begin and what the process should look like. The pressing reality is that many labs still rely on 10- or even 20-year-old cameras for imaging. While the hardware, if properly maintained, is still

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Tips for making stress tests less stressful

Having a stress test go wrong or take twice as long as you expected is no fun for you or your patients. Communication is an essential tool, and providing practical instructions before and during the test can make a world of difference. Aside from the standard list of instructions, here

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Should I buy a nuclear camera or use a mobile service?

The choice between purchasing a nuclear camera or using a mobile service is an important decision for your practice. A broad range of factors shape the decision, and following a “cookie cutter” formula is not recommended. Understanding the unique dynamics at work in your practice can shed light on which

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Digirad Earns HITRUST Certification to Protect Customers and Patient Data

Protecting patient data and securing healthcare information has never been more important for medical providers. The volume of hacking attempts directed at healthcare organizations is increasing each year, and they are growing increasingly more sophisticated. Regulatory changes are also making data leaks more costly to providers. In the past, larger

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What Crystals Are Used in Nuclear Medicine?

Crystals are an essential component of nuclear medicine imaging systems, and manufacturers use several different types of crystals to capture and power the cameras. With the number of options in the market, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices. This post reviews the primary crystals used in nuclear

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Nine Nuclear Gamma Camera Maintenance Tips From the Pros

If you own a nuclear medicine camera, you know that consistent maintenance is key to keeping the camera running in top shape. Proper maintenance ensures that your camera provides you with the highest possible quality images for the longest amount of time. From an investment standpoint, preventative maintenance pays for

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