Find the right Digirad Select package for your organization

Running a nuclear lab can be complicated and costly. A customized Digirad Select Nuclear Lab package provides everything you need to offer complete nuclear medicine services.


The Digirad team is comprised of highly skilled, trained and certified nuclear medicine technologists and cardiac stress technicians.

Digirad’s lineup of solid-state cardiac imaging cameras includes fixed site systems and mobile systems that are delivered directly to your practice.

The Digirad maintenance team is able to service all major brands of nuclear gamma cameras.

Your office will be able to leverage our extensive portfolio of existing licenses and certifications.

With experts at all stages, Digirad can help you navigate the accreditation process.

Digirad provides a wide range of nuclear imaging supplies and radiopharmaceuticals.

How it Works

Digirad can assist with all aspects of your nuclear lab while providing your patients with a seamless experience and lowering your cost per study.

Leveraging our size and experience, Digirad will build a custom package designed specifically for your practice.

You only pay for what you need!

Packages can include any combination of staff, equipment, maintenance, licensing, accreditation, and supplies.

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