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Cerianna: New ER-positive Breast Cancer Imaging Agent

Over the past few years, the imaging community has had a whirlwind of technological advances and the introduction of a handful of new imaging agents, especially in the PET/CT space. In this article, we will explore one of the more impactful PET/CT imaging agent that will soon be available in

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What referring physicians need to know about breast density

It’s increasingly understood that dense breast tissue is an area of concern for women’s health. Not only is a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer greater with the highest density, it also can mask small masses along with increasing medical evidence that woman with higher breast density have a higher

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Screening options and recommendations for dense breasts

The topic of breast density is gaining attention lately. To date, 29 states have mandated some level of formal communication to inform women not only of their mammogram results, but also their breast density level. In the battle against breast cancer, there is a growing need and demand for patients

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