Meet the new X-ACT+

Digirad is proud to introduce the new Cardius X-ACT+ Imaging System. We’ve taken the X-ACT camera and completely redesigned it to offer more patient-centric features and deliver significant benefits while reducing the cost burden to the healthcare system.


The X-ACT+ is the only SPECT/FAC MPI system that features a combination of solid state detectors, rapid imaging detector geometry, low dose fluorescence x-ray attenuation correction, advanced 3D-OSEM reconstruction techniques, and TruACQ Count Based Imaging™. 
It offers high definition, high efficiency, unparalleled clinical accuracy—all while lowering the patient’s radiation dose.


In addition to the state-of-the-art technology, many of the camera’s improvements focused on patient ergonomics. For example, the system is closer to the floor, includes handrails, and the seat placement has been modernized. The system’s new design is not only more comfortable, it’s easier and safer to access for all types of patients. The X-ACT+ ultimately improved upon Digirad’s patient-friendly, open, and upright design.

X-ACT+ also positions the patient perfectly for cardio-centric imaging. The heart never leaves the field of view and images are free of truncation or attenuation artifacts. The X-ACT+ produces images with superior clinical accuracy and provides a positive imaging experience overall.

Digirad Cardius X-ACT+

Looking for an upgrade?

The X-ACT+ is unique because of its combined design, technology, and superior imaging quality. If you’re ready to upgrade your imaging services, the X-ACT+ is the only improvement you’ll need to make.


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