Digirad adds QuantumCam to camera line-up

Digirad has expanded its offerings as a nuclear medicine company by adding a variable angle camera to its growing array of high-quality imaging equipment. Through their relationship with Universal Medical Resources, Inc., the exclusive North America distributor for DDD Diagnostic, Digirad has added the CorCam™ and QuantumCam™ cameras to its product catalog.

QuantumCam variable angle imaging system

QuantumCam is a dual detector, variable angle, total body, SPECT and general purpose nuclear imaging system. It offers a large field-of-view and delivers all the flexibility you would expect from a variable angle camera. QuantumCam has the ability to perform total body scans, bone SPECTs, planar imaging, and cardiac imaging in the 90-degree mode. With its highly flexible detector positioning, and open gantry, non-claustrophobic design, it allows for ease-of-use and greater patient comfort.

Compared to other SPECT cameras on the market, the QuantumCam has lower acquisition and ownership costs, a smaller footprint and higher imaging quality. “It’s hard to find all these attributes in one device,” says Jason Kitchell, Chief Operating Officer at Universal.

DDD Diagnostic

DDD is a highly reputable company with extensive experience developing and manufacturing gamma cameras and gamma products. They have been a long-term provider in the nuclear medicine industry and are a major supplier for GE, Phillips, and Siemens. You’ll surely recognize their products, even if you don’t recognize their name.

Partnering for customer success

Digirad is in the business of providing the best, most cost-effective solution that meets a customer’s specific needs. By expanding their product options to include a variable angle camera, Digirad offers a more comprehensive selection and, thereby, better serves their customers. Digirad is looking forward to growing their relationship with Universal and bringing the benefits of the QuantumCam to the market.


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