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Digirad Sonographer published in Journal of Vascular Ultrasound

Digirad is proud to announce that sonographer Adam E. Jackson, RDCS, RVT’s recent reports on splenic artery aneurysms and spontaneous hepatic artery dissection were published in the December 2016 issue of the Journal of Vascular Ultrasound. The rarity of both cases, coupled with the use of ultrasound versus the typical

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Common Questions About Mobile Imaging

Many physicians are curious about mobile imaging but have questions about the service and how it actually works. As a leading provider of mobile nuclear imaging, the Digirad team has met with thousands of practices and cardiology providers. Here are the answers to the most common questions we receive. How

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How does mobile diagnostic imaging work?

Operating a nuclear diagnostic lab can be an expensive and time-consuming proposition. Many practices and cardiologists are turning to mobile diagnostic imaging as a way to improve profitability or add services to new locations. A mobile imaging company can provide everything you need to offer nuclear imaging at your location

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Brain Death Studies with Portable Imaging

Performing a Tc-99m Brain Death, or Intracerebral Perfusion, scan presents a unique set of challenges. Moving an unstable patient to the imaging department can be difficult for hospital staff and potentially hazardous to the patient. It is also an extremely sensitive and traumatic experience for the patient’s family. Brain Death

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Imaging with Ergo™ in the ICU

The Ergo™ Imaging System is a multi-purpose solid-state large field of view nuclear gamma camera that is ideal for use in the ICU. It is completely portable, which allows for point-of-care diagnostic imaging. In the past, portable cameras had a reputation of being bulky and loud with a limited field

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10 Myths about Mobile Imaging – Part 2

Mobile imaging service is a cost, time, and resource-effective alternative to owning and operating your own Nuclear Cardiology lab, but there are understandably a number of questions around the service. Will I get paid? Are the images any good? Are the technicians qualified? These are good questions and we want

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