Imaging with Ergo™ in the ICU

digirad-ergo-icuThe Ergo™ Imaging System is a multi-purpose solid-state large field of view nuclear gamma camera that is ideal for use in the ICU. It is completely portable, which allows for point-of-care diagnostic imaging.

In the past, portable cameras had a reputation of being bulky and loud with a limited field of view. The Ergo revolutionizes the portable camera using solid-state flat panel detector technology. Since the Ergo does not use Photo-Multiplier tubes in its detector, it is quiet, compact, light, and easy to maneuver. Built for general purpose planar, dynamic, and gated imaging, the Ergo is ideal for Brain Flow, GI bleed, V/Q lung, Gastric Emptying, Gallbladder and MUGA studies, just to name a few.

The benefits of imaging in the ICU with the Ergo include:

Reduced risk of patient infection

By keeping patients in the ICU and bringing the camera to them, patients may have a reduced risk of infection or other complications that could arise during the transportation process. Transportation from the ICU to the imaging department and back can put strain on the patient, which creates more risk to their stability. Point-of-care imaging with the Ergo™ helps to reduce patient exposure to these potential risks.

Less trauma for patients and their families

Being admitted to the ICU is already a stressful event for patients and their families. Moving a patient out of the ICU for imaging can add further stress to the situation. ICU patients require special attention. Traumatic events, such as the need for a brain-death scan, can be handled much easier and with greater discretion and compassion utilizing the Ergo at the patient’s bedside.

Optimizing hospital staff

The Ergo’s portability also allows for staff optimization and higher quality patient care. Point-of-care imaging with the Ergo keeps ICU staff “on the floor” and attending to all ICU patients rather than having to send valued staffers such as critical care nurses and respiratory therapists to the imaging department for an extended period of time. Imaging in the ICU is performed with the patient remaining in their own bed. This alleviates the need for lifting patients, reducing the risk of strain and injury to both the patient and staff.

The Ergo provides security and benefits for all involved in the ICU and imaging process, from the patients to their families and the hospital staff.


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