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How to leverage mobile imaging when facing a natural disaster

In times of disaster, the demand for immediate emergency healthcare services can quickly surpass an area’s capacity. Most disasters are localized, and residents who are sick or injured depend on the care, services, and expertise provided by the local hospital. It’s critical for the hospital system to have an effective

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How mobile imaging is changing healthcare in rural areas

Years ago, all hospitals were primarily independent, but recently we’ve seen more consolidation in the healthcare industry. The consolidation has largely been driven by new economic realities, which have pressured hospitals and clinics to band together and create their own partnerships or merge with larger hospital systems, in order to

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Key requirements for a mobile CT provider

Most hospitals offer CT imaging services in-house, but there are times when bringing in a mobile imaging service on a provisional basis makes more sense. Whether you’re remodeling your CT imaging space, your equipment requires repairs, or you need help managing a backlog, provisional imaging can be a smart decision.

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Two primary types of Mobile Diagnostic Imaging for Hospitals

Hospitals choose mobile diagnostic imaging for a variety of different reasons, from lack of space to increased volume or remodeling of their radiology facility. There are many different types and styles of mobile imaging so it’s critical to know your options and the different paths you can take if you’re

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How mobile Women’s health facilities are changing the hospital landscape

Patients are expecting better service from physicians and hospitals. Compounded by the new quality measures that are heavily weighted on patient experience, hospitals are recognizing the need to make changes. If patients don’t report a positive, comfortable or reassuring experience, then providers’ quality scores decline, and it negatively affects reimbursement

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Three reasons hospitals use provisional CT, MRI, or PET Imaging

Most hospitals offer CT, MRI, and PET imaging services in-house, but there are times when bringing in a mobile imaging service on a provisional basis makes more sense. What is provisional imaging? In traditional mobile imaging, a technologist visits the hospital or clinic on a weekly basis and transports the

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How to know if mobile CT is right for your hospital

High-volume medical practices and hospitals typically allocate space for procedures including PET and CT imaging systems. The decision to assign valuable space is warranted by the high number of procedures they schedule each day. For smaller practices and lower-volume rural hospitals, however, the decision is not as straightforward. Here are

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