10 Myths about Mobile Imaging – Part 2

Mobile imaging service is a cost, time, and resource-effective alternative to owning and operating your own Nuclear Cardiology lab, but there are understandably a number of questions around the service. Will I get paid? Are the images any good? Are the technicians qualified? These are good questions and we want to take a moment to address 10 of the most common myths we hear. Here is part two:

6. Mobile imaging is disruptive to my office
When Digirad deploys our employees to your practice, they recognize that they are invited into your practice. They proceed with their tasks seamlessly and without disrupting your office. Digirad employees are involved in all aspects of imaging procedures to assist your office staff, including post-screening and discharge procedures. Our highly trained employees integrate themselves with your practice and procedures to become an asset and contribute to the overall success of your business.

7. Mobile imaging space requirements are problematic for my office
Digirad mobile imaging can provide creative solutions for practices with little extra space and small exam rooms. With a footprint about the size of a desk, our cameras can be maneuvered into almost any exam space to perform the necessary imaging. If necessary, our dedicated employees may rearrange exam rooms to fit the camera, and when the procedure is over, they restore the exam room to its original layout.  The added advantage is that this space is available for you to provide other services to your patients on days you are not performing imaging.

8. Mobile imaging cameras are not able to perform all the cardiac imaging studies that a stationary camera can
Digirad’s mobile imaging cameras have the capability to perform Nuclear Cardiology studies, including MUGA studies and Stress/Rest SPECT.

9. My practice is too busy to worry about pre-certifications and other requirements necessary to bill and collect
Digirad offers busy practices a service that performs pre-certifications. The practice provides access to the basic information and our team can complete the necessary forms to obtain authorizations. In addition, our Reimbursement Support team can assist you with any billing questions or concerns.

10. Using a mobile imaging vendor does not allow me to have control over the personnel and imaging process
Your office oversees Digirad’s mobile imaging equipment and staff, which means that the lead physician supervises Digirad staff. Your practice can maintain complete autonomy and control while using our experienced staff to assist with in-house imaging services. Additionally, our service provides you with more oversight than sending your patients to a hospital or imaging center.


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