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Practical pre-authorization tips for nuclear imaging

In today’s economy, everyone is looking to save money and reduce costs, including insurance companies. This has translated into an increasing level of scrutiny when it comes to ordering nuclear imaging studies. Pre-authorization is now an accepted part of the process, but the requirements and rules are getting more and

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7 critical considerations for practices considering de-integration

After a significant wave of practices choosing to merge with hospital systems, physicians are starting to consider de-integration and returning to private practice. It seems that integrated health care, the solution that many thought would be the answer to a variety of our healthcare industry’s challenges, might not have the impact

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Four new revenue streams for cardiologists

Operating a financially successful practice requires a daily focus on operational concerns, but it also necessitates seeking new opportunities for revenue streams. Many cardiologists overlook opportunities to offer ancillary services that will boost practice income. Here are four revenue streams that could increase efficiency, referrals, and patient volume, while improving

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How practices are making the shift to Value-Based care

When you think about positioning your practice for success and overall sustainability, the transition to value-based care should be one of the first things that comes to mind. The shift from the fee-for-service model is no longer a trend, but a critical necessity in today’s healthcare environment. The value-based approach

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Five ways that cardiologists lose money each year

Every medical practice is a business and while improving their patients’ health is a physician’s ultimate goal, running at a profit is also critically important. The two may seem to be in direct competition with each other, especially when the healthcare industry is marked by escalating costs and a decline

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