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How Flurpiridaz Will Change Cardiac PET Imaging

While PET MPI has seen increased interest among cardiologists, financial constraints and availability concerns have kept the modality from gaining traction in the US market. The current set of radiopharmaceuticals has built-in drawbacks, but recent innovations could change that. 18F Flurpiridaz is a new agent is showing considerable promise –

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What Is the Difference Between SPECT and PET Imaging for Cardiology?

Cardiac imaging is a critical technology, particularly as cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of mortality for most developed nations. While SPECT remains the leading modality for cardiac imaging, PET has continued to see growing interest. Naturally, patients and physicians want to know if one is better than the other

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Where does Cardiac PET fit in your current imaging offerings?

Offering in-house Cardiac PET imaging to your patients adds a new modality to your imaging toolbox. This modality can expand your services by offering another option for diagnostic imaging while potentially providing an additional revenue stream. If you’re thinking of adding Cardiac PET, it’s important to consider how the new

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How much does it cost to offer Cardiac PET?

As imaging technology continues to advance, Cardiac PET MPI is gaining more awareness in today’s clinical market. In recent years, the modality has seen growth and is generating interest among cardiologists. While the diagnostic benefits of Cardiac PET are clear, it’s important to understand the financials and investments needed to

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How to know if Cardiac PET makes sense for your practice

Cardiac PET has been used as a diagnostic imaging tool for a number of years, but has recently seen an increase in interest among cardiologists. When evaluating a considerable investment, such as Cardiac PET, it’s critical to look beyond the buzz and know for sure if it’s the right choice

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