Will It Fit? Space Requirements for Digirad Cameras

Solid-state cameras from Digirad are smaller, lighter, and more compact than what you typically find with other nuclear gamma cameras. Our Ergo, Cardius® 2XPO, Cardius® 3XPO and Cardius® X-ACT imaging systems are conveniently sized, and can fit into standard-sized exam rooms and door frames without special modifications. So the short answer is “yes, it will fit.”

Minimum room sizes for Digirad cameras:

Cardius 2XPO
Minimum room size: 8’ x 7’

Cardius 3XPO
Minimum room size: 8’ x 7’

Minimum room size: 8’ x 9’

Minimum room size: 8’ x 8’

Space considerations for private practice clinics

Both the Cardius 2XPO and Cardius 3XPO cameras provide patients with an open design and a compact frame that is easy for technologists to operate. These cameras are ideal for cardiology offices because the solid-state flat-panel detector technology and geometry allow for high image quality with optimal throughput. Both of these systems are small enough to fit in a standard exam room, and the Cardius 2XPO is available in either fixed or mobile configurations.

Space considerations for hospitals

The X-ACT and Ergo cameras are ideal for any hospital setting.

The X-ACT camera fits in an 8×9 room, and it does not require shielding or special room requirements. With its triple-head capabilities, the X-ACT is patient-centric, reducing the radiation dosage to the patient by up to three times that of other conventional nuclear cameras. The X-ACT camera also provides physicians with attenuation correction to improve diagnostic imaging confidence.

The Ergo is a flexible, multi-purpose nuclear imaging camera. Because of its size and portability, the Ergo can be brought to the patient’s room and to various departments including the ICU, pediatrics, women’s health, or surgery. This eliminates the need for transporting a patient and reduces the need for additional hospital staff.

Contact our team if you have any specific questions about the size or use of a Digirad Solid-State nuclear camera in your facility.


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