Where/how to get Nuclear Medicine CME’s

One of the requirements for Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) or American College of Radiation (ACR) accreditation renewal is the successful completion of 15 continuing medical education (CME) credits per physician and the 15 continuing education units (CEU) per technologist.

Physicians and technologists generally have an abundance of credits; however, the credits must be specifically relevant to nuclear medicine. This is an incredibly important detail that many practices overlook, and many times is the reason a practice is cited for non-compliance.

Starting the continuing education process early-on is crucial so that physicians and technologists will have enough time to complete the appropriate number of courses. One CME/CEU is equal to 1 hour, so each staff member can expect to dedicate 15 hours per 3-year accreditation period earning these credits.

Here are some quick links if you’re looking for more information on where to find CMEs and CEUs
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