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How web-based PACS are benefiting Radiologists and Cardiologists

Posted on: 12.01.16 by Digirad

Advancements in online PACS have eliminated the need for cumbersome equipment and large workstations that previously tethered your reading capabilities to a single location. These cloud solutions make the management of information more convenient and more economical. As a result, cloud-based PACS are becoming an attractive upgrade for many hospitals and physicians. Let’s look at the five key ways a cloud-based PACS could benefit your practice:

Multiple Modalities

Cloud-based PACS can be used for a wide range of radiology and cardiology test modalities. These include Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology, CT, Cardiac Cath, Echo, Vascular, General Ultrasound, MRI, and PET.

No Software to Download

The defining feature of cloud-based PACS is that they use a browser as the main viewing tool. There is no special software to download or licensing required for reading studies.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

With a cloud system, you are able to access studies anywhere and at any time. View images from your desk, your home, or the beach. Results can be retrieved from any device with internet access.

Faster Turn Times

By eliminating the need for physical disks, you are able to view and report on images more quickly. This is becoming more important as some accrediting organizations now require a two-day turnaround for studies.

Flexible Payment Options

Many cloud-based PACS providers offer a variety of payment options, including monthly or per study payment options, instead of a traditional, one-time fee. This allows you to avoid the large capital outlay typically associated with an on-site PACS.

With benefits like these, a cloud-based PACS could help you enhance patient care while improving efficiencies and effectively managing costs.

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