November News Digest

The imaging industry is continually evolving and it’s important to stay informed about the changes that may impact the development, operation, maintenance, and growth of your imaging services.

Moly 99 reactor could lead to U.S. supply of isotope to track disease

An Albuquerque startup company has licensed a Sandia National Laboratories technology that offers a way to make molybdenum-99, a key radioactive isotope needed for diagnostic imaging in nuclear medicine, in the United States. Known as moly 99, it is made in aging nuclear reactors outside the country, and concerns about future shortages have been in the news for years. Continue Reading…

SNMMI SmartBrief Special Report: Patient-centered care in cardiology

Patient-centered care gets a lot of attention today amid increased focus on cost, quality, and satisfaction in health care. But in the nuclear medicine and molecular imaging specialty, where imaging zeroes in on how a patient’s body is functioning at the molecular level, personalization and a patient-centered approach are nothing new. Imaging societies were early adopters of Choosing Wisely, radiation safety measures and other means of continually boosting the quality of care. This special report from SNMMI SmartBrief highlights best practices for care — and for your practice — as these topics shape conversations about medicine, reimbursement, and the delivery of care. Continue Reading…

Data mining has huge potential to affect care of patients

Medical researchers are using Big Data to learn more about the effects of drugs, and their work is creating the prospect of a “learning health system,” Veronique Greenwood writes. A doctor who used medical records to show that a patient might need anti-clotting drugs said the feeling used to be that research being done now will help patients in future years, but soon it could be common for research to help patients immediately. Continue Reading…

What puts the most pressure on hospitals? 6 top factors

Pressure on hospitals is shifting from simple cost-cutting issues to increased attention on healthcare reform initiatives focused on value and outcomes, according to Ernst & Young’s 2014 report, “Pulse of the industry: Differentiating differently.” Continue Reading…


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