Five ways a Cloud PACS can help your practice

With advancements in technology, a traditional PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) is no longer your only choice when it comes to image storage and retrieval. A cloud-based PACS removes many of the limitations of a traditional PACS. Cloud based PACS offer benefits and conveniences that increase efficiency, accessibility, and ultimately, the level of patient care. Some of these advancements include:


Storage in a cloud-based PACS is typically off-site and virtual. There’s no need for onsite servers, hard drives or the physical installation of software. Patient data is automatically streamed directly into the cloud as it’s created. The storage is easily scalable, allowing the cloud to grow as your organization grows.


Gone are the days of having to be tied to the office to view studies. With a cloud-based PACS, physicians, technicians, and administrators are able to access patient files by logging into a secure PACS application anywhere there’s an internet connection. Easily sharing data, forwarding referrals and the ability for multiple people to access data simultaneously are standard functionality.

Data Recovery

Virtualization provides an automatic disaster recovery plan. The servers, software, network configuration and security are automatically replicated and stored in a separate offsite disaster recovery cloud. In the event of a disaster, the cloud recovery will provide the quickest and most efficient data recovery and restoration.


Cloud-based storage can save a considerable amount of money on both capital and operating expenditures. This technology allows for the consolidation of multi-vendor storage resources, which substantially reduces storage costs. There is also a significant reduction in maintenance and repair since the vendor is responsible for maintaining all offsite equipment and software. Many vendors offer a variety of payment options, including pay-as-you-go, monthly plans, payments per study, and one-time fees. You can structure your payments in the way that is best suited for your office.


The security of the system and all the data transmitted via the web is encrypted and protected appropriately, even if you are using a shared network. You’ll no longer have to be concerned about the safety of your patients’ information.

A cloud-based PACS not only offers conveniences, it also offers the latest advancements in technology. Improved collaboration, image sharing in real time, anywhere access…these benefits positively impact the operation of your organization, while reducing costs and operational responsibilities. In the big picture, it ultimately allows you to devote more time providing your patients with the best, comprehensive medical care available.


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