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Does it make sense to outsource nuclear cardiology?

Posted on: 07.23.15 by Digirad

Whether you’re operating an existing practice or preparing to open a new one, outsourcing your nuclear cardiology is an option worthy of consideration. Not only can it afford conveniences and benefits to your patients, outsourcing could be a smart decision for the overall health of your practice as well.

Four advantages of outsourcing:

  • COST: Through an outsourcing service, you
    are given access to an advanced, solid-state nuclear imaging system. These
    systems are designed specifically to meet the standards of nuclear
    cardiology. This alleviates the burden of maintaining and continually
    upgrading your aging equipment.
  • SERVICES: Outsourced services are designed to
    be flexible and accommodating. The frequency of imaging is customized to
    meet the needs of your practice. You’re never committed to a fixed number
    of studies and only invest in the staff you need.
  • STAFFING: An outsourced staff should consist
    of highly qualified and certified technologists, all of whose credentials
    are monitored and kept current through continuing education. Plus, you
    only need to invest in staff when and where you need them.
  • ACCREDITATION: Choose a nuclear imaging outsourcing
    partner that provides accreditation as a part of the service. With this
    feature, you don’t have to apply for or maintain your own accreditation.

Not only is outsourcing your nuclear cardiology cost efficient, it will increase your patients’ satisfaction and overall experience. It could be the step that takes your practice to the next level.

Digirad provides an outsourced nuclear lab solution through our Digirad Select program. If you’re interested in more information on Digirad Select, click here.


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