DIS Adds Neuropathy Testing Program

DIS is happy to announce that we are now offering a comprehensive Neuropathy Testing Program. As with the nuclear and ultrasound programs, the service is provided at your office and can scale to meet your needs.

The program consists of nerve conduction tests and uses a Sudo Scan machine to perform the screening. DIS has a team of highly qualified Neurologists who oversee the program. When creating the program, DIS was seeking to create three outcomes. First was to create a neurological baseline for the patient, then to assess damage to the patient’s neurological system and finally to better manage patient care and compliance.

Neuropathy testing is a growing field for physicians as approximately 1 out of every 15 (20 million) people suffer from neuropathy and more than 30% of all neuropathies stem from Diabetes.

Results are provided through the DIS Cardiostream system and are typically delivered within 24-48 hours. The Cardiostream system permanently stores the records, giving you unlimited access.


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