Dilon Diagnostics and Digirad at RSNA

Dilon Diagnostics is a leader in small field-of-view cameras for early detection of breast cancer. From a diagnostic perspective, 50% of women who have a mammogram in the U.S. are found to have dense breast tissue and therefore, have an inconclusive mammogram. Many times, in order to rule out breast cancer, a secondary diagnostic procedure is required. These procedures can include an ultrasound, MRI, or in the case of Dilon Diagnostics, molecular breast imaging.

With their Molecular Imaging System considered leading edge technology, and a strong weapon in the armament against breast cancer, the company quickly grew internationally as well as domestically. It’s estimated that worldwide, close to 1 million women have had a molecular breast imaging procedure performed.

A thriving partnership

Dilon has had a long-standing relationship with Digirad, as both a business partner and a supplier. Leveraging those initial relationships, they entered into an agreement whereas Dilon would be the exclusive international distributor for most of the countries worldwide for Digirad’s lines of molecular imaging cameras including the Ergo™, the Cardius® X-ACT, and the Cardius® XPO series of dedicated cardiac SPECT imaging systems.

Radiology Society of North America

For this year’s Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) show, which will be held November 29 through December 4, 2015 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL, Dilon invited Digirad to share their booth as co-exhibitors. Digirad will be showcasing the Cardius® X-ACT at the exhibit this year.

Dilon will highlight their newest system, the Acella Gamma Camera, which features a much larger MBI detector (made by Digirad), making Dilon the first company in the industry to offer customers a choice in detector sizes.

In addition to the Digirad and Dilon products, Dilon will also be featuring some complimentary products; SurgicEye’s declines®SPECT, used for mobile 3D SPECT imaging, and AG Medical’s CoTi, which measures the amount of radiation dosage that a person receives when treated for thyroid cancer.

Be sure to visit Dilon and Digirad at Booth #7927. We’d love to share more information about these products and introduce you to the future in technology!



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