Digirad named as top 10 fastest growing healthcare solutions provider

Digirad Corporation was named one of Insights Success Magazine’s 10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Solution Provider Companies for 2016. With the US Healthcare industry rapidly evolving in the advancement of technology, digital media, and mobile devices, Digirad is setting the industry standard in delivering convenient, effective, and efficient healthcare solutions on an as needed, when needed, and where needed basis.

Why Digirad?

Digirad’s portfolio of services and diagnostic imaging products continually improve healthcare performance, optimize outcomes, and enhance the patient experience. The company is highly respected for its diverse offering of mobile healthcare solutions including Mobile Nuclear Cardiology, Mobile Ultrasound, Remote Cardiac Patient Monitoring, Mobile MRI, Mobile PET/CT, Mobile CT, and Mobile Mammography.

A word about strategy

Matt Molchan, President, CEO and Director of Digirad Corporation began his career with Digirad in May 2007. When he spoke about the company’s success and the strategy that supports it, he said, “We are in constant contact with our customers. Since the majority of our business takes existing products and mobilizes them into a service—we do not need to have a large R&D team—but instead we need a company of innovative thinkers that look for ways to maximize assets by making the assets more efficient through portability and mobility.”

Future growth

Digirad’s mobile services division still has more work to do. They anticipate continued growth and innovation as they work with hospitals to reduce costs, offer greater conveniences, and improve patient value and satisfaction. The company is committed to the highest level of quality service, and providing exceptional care. With goals like those, Digirad is poised to remain the industry leader in healthcare solutions.

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