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Digirad CEO Matt Molchan was recently featured in an interview with MedAxiom. You can read the article on MexAxiom here or read the interview below.

Q: Why have you chosen MedAxiom as a strategic partner?
A: As a healthcare products and services innovator, Digirad has successfully worked with some of the leading Practices and Healthcare Systems in Cardiology.  How healthcare will be delivered and our role within the healthcare delivery system makes MedAxiom an ideal strategic partner for our company.  Like MedAxiom, we work with practice executives, administrative leaders, physicians and offices with a goal of improving clinical and business outcomes for our clients.  We believe that our products and services are an ideal match for the MedAxiom membership.  As both a traditional equipment manufacturer and a healthcare services company, we hope to bring value to MedAxiom as a Partner that thinks like a member.

Q: How does your business currently interact with the Cardiology environment?
A: Digirad is the largest company of it’s kind.  We offer a wide range of services and products for the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease.  Through these services and products, we currently assist more than 1200 clients in the Cardiology environment with the care of their patients. These clients are comprised of independent practices, integrated practices, Hospitals and Healthcare Systems.

Q: What services are utilized by practices, hospitals, physicians?
A: In our Diagnostic Services division, Digirad offers a vast array of ‘As Needed, Where Needed, When Needed’ solutions to assist practices, hospitals and healthcare systems to provide high quality, accredited imaging services.  Our current service offerings include the outsourcing of fixed site and mobile, in facility nuclear cardiology services, echocardiography and vascular ultrasound services, neuropathy services and molecular profile services. We also offer short and long term technologist staffing, licensing, accreditation and precertification services or consultation.  The fastest growing segment of our business is working hand in hand with Cardiology Service Line Executives to rebalance their imaging programs, to maximize or to create a true outreach program for their integrated practice as well as with their integrated primary care practices.

From short term staffing to fully outsourced Hospital Nuclear Medicine Departments; from in-office complete imaging services to Healthcare System Outreach programs .. and everywhere in between…we match the exact amount of services supply with your demand.

Q: What products are utilized by practices, hospitals, physicians?
A: In our Diagnostic Imaging Product division, Digirad’s portfolio is based on our now 4th generation solid-state detector technology for myocardial perfusion imaging.  The Cardius Series includes a triple headed system for stationary use (installed in a single location) and a dual headed system that can be configured as a stationary (installed in a single location) or mobile (able to be easily moved between locations).  The Premier Product in the Cardius Series is the X-ACT.  The X-ACT system features rapid imaging detector geometry, a fluorescence X-ray attenuation correction approach along with a unique 3D-OSEM reconstruction algorithm creating the optimal low dose imaging system. The X-ACT meets today and tomorrow’s challenges for reducing doses, rapid imaging, improved patient satisfaction and improved outcomes while raising clinical performance for nuclear cardiology.  Also, Digirad’s Customer Service department offers an assortment of relationships to provide ‘Best In Class’ repair and maintenance services.

Q: What is unique about Digirad’s Nuclear Cardiology cameras?
A: In addition to Digirad’s proprietary 4th Generation Solid-State Detectors, all of our systems are configured with ‘Tru-Acq’ and ‘nSPEED.’  Tru-Acq allows a technologist, without regard to injected dose, to know the imaging time required on a per patient, at the time of imaging basis. nSPEED is a market proven, iterative reconstruction algorithm that maximizes image quality based on count density. This combination of ‘Personalized Imaging’ tools gives our clients clinical and technical capabilities to meet the demands of rapid imaging and to meet the expectations of the 2014 ASNC dose reduction initiative. The X-ACT system combines these features with a low dose, Volume CT attenuation correction approach that simply sets a new, higher standard for SPECT imaging.

Q: What differentiates your organization from others?
A: Digirad is unique in the diagnostic imaging space as we are the only company that truly offers scalable solutions. By way of the services we provide and the cameras that we manufacture, Digirad matches the customers demand with the exact amount of supply. Our approach to the market, allows our representatives the opportunity to offer prospective clients solutions matched to their true needs. Almost any scenario involving diagnostic imaging and cardiology is possible with Digirad. Whether you want to buy, lease or rent equipment, staffing, licensing, accreditation or customer service, we can help you.  If you want to enroll as an imaging services customer, we can do that as a fixed site, five days a week solution or support you with a mobile, in office solution on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.  We’ll take on all the hassles like licensing, physics consultation, accreditation,  precertification, reporting, cloud based imaging and report management to seamlessly support your organization. You could also own the equipment and have us operate the department.  We offer an endless amount of solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

MedAxiom members would likely be pleasantly surprised by the possibilities!

Q: How do you intend to add more value to your customers in the next 12 months?
A: In our Diagnostic Services division, we will continue to expand the number of and types of services offered to ideally meet the market needs as the healthcare environment continues to evolve.  We will roll out models that are both clinically and financially efficient for independent practice, integrated practices, Hospitals and Healthcare Systems. Digirad is committed to providing scalable solutions that provide the best care for your patients and the most cost efficient, convenient services for our clients.

In our Diagnostic Imaging Products division, we will build on our legacy as a technology innovator by continuing to enhance our ‘Personalized Imaging’ platform.  Given the pressures of patient satisfaction, image quality, and new dose reduction expectations, we will continue to add new tools to the ‘Personalized Imaging’ toolbox.  These new tools will be available on new systems and as upgrades to existing systems.

We will also add more value to the Cardiology market overall by aggressively offering Technology Refresh programs focused on practices, Hospitals and Healthcare systems with aging equipment in need of today’s technology improvements.

Q: What new services can we expect to see released in the next 12 months?
A: Digirad anticipates adding several new services to our portfolio in the next 6 to 24 months.  These services will be cardiology focused and available to existing as well as new clients.  The key is that we will offer these services with our philosophy of matching our supply with your demand.  This ‘As Needed, Where Needed, When Needed’ mentality will play a key role in helping our clients navigate their business in the new healthcare environment.  We will also be more active with our Technology Refresh program for owners of older cameras that want to migrate to today’s imaging standards either through our services or products.

Q: What are your long-term goals in serving the cardiology market?
A: At Digirad, our long-term goal is to be the Cardiology market’s “First Thought” when faced with a challenge or opportunity.  Many of our current customers tell us “whenever something new or difficult comes up – the first thing I think of is Digirad.” That’s awesome because that means we are doing our job of providing products and services that improves their delivery of healthcare.  Interestingly, we hear these types of comments as much from our large clients and Healthcare Systems as from our small clients.  We understand the challenges of today’s healthcare for private practices, integrated practices, Hospitals and Healthcare Systems.  We know, through our services and products, that we can help all of them.  That’s why our goal is to be the Cardiology market’s “First Thought” when faced with a challenge or opportunity.

Q: What aspects of your products and services are most appealing to both the physicians and administrators?
A: It’s the scalability, flexibility, convenience and breadth of our offerings.  We balance clinical quality, practice convenience, and patient retention with the real need for financial benefit.

Q: Who should the MedAxiom members contact with questions about your company or products?
A: MedAxiom members should feel free to contact Matt Molchan, CEO and President of Digirad, Virgil Lott, President of Digirad Diagnostic Imaging, or Marty Shirley, SVP of Digirad Diagnostic Services Sales & Marketing.  We are all happy to help MedAxiom members in any way possible.


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