Digirad Disinfecting Procedures

How to disinfect Digirad equipment for COVID-19

Disinfection of Digirad products should be done accordance with local institution protocols for surface disinfection. Before and after each patient, taking care to disinfect any patient-contacting or user-contacting surfaces.

Digirad recommends using accepted disinfecting cleaners used in the local institution. Cleaners must be nonabrasive liquid cleaning materials to be applied to a clean disposable cloth, gently rubbed on the surfaces, and never poured or applied directly on system.

If your institution does not have an accepted cleaner for disinfecting surfaces, then use an alcohol based cleaner to be applied with a soft disposable cloth. Examples: rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol), CaviCide™ or CaviWipes™ (active ingredient isopropyl alcohol).

WARNING: The CDC recommends wearing facemask, eye protection, gown, and gloves when coming into contact with patients with known or suspected COVID-19. Disinfecting the surfaces touched by those patients should carry the same risk.

Patient chair, arm rest, back rest, hand holds/rails, patient restraint, seat belt, plastic covers and storage trays

  • Remove ordinary dirt and smudges with a mild detergent soap and warm water.
  • Then wipe all surfaces with accepted disinfecting cleaner applied to a clean disposable cloth.

Computer, Monitor Display, Keyboard and Mouse

Wipe the following components with the accepted disinfecting cleaner applied to a clean disposable cloth.

  • Wipe around the frame of the monitor
  • Wipe the screen
  • Wipe the keyboard, touchpad and mouse gently

Detector Head(s)

  • Wipe all outside surfaces of the detector head.
  • Recheck all detector head cables and connectors before the next patient.

WARNING: Any liquids penetrating the camera detector head may cause severe damage to the detector and/or system failure.

ECG Monitor and Leads

  • Detach the Patient Cable from the monitor.
  • Wipe the exterior of the monitor. Do not allow any moisture to enter the interior of the device.
  • Use institution approved cleaning product or 70% isopropyl alcohol for cleaning ends of the lead wires and the patient cable.


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