Digirad Diagnostic Services for Nuclear Cardiology

Recently, Digirad had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Glenn Gandelman, a cardiologist with Greenwich Cardiology Associates in Connecticut. Greenwich Cardiology Associates uses Diagnostic Services from Digirad to perform nuclear cardiology imaging at their office. Digirad provides accredited technologists and technicians, and a multi-head mobile camera to perform the studies.

How often do you use Diagnostic Services from Digirad?

Greenwich Cardiology Associates has been using Digirad’s nuclear service regularly since 2008. The team visits every other week, and they typically scan between 8 and 14 patients per session.

How do you like working with Digirad?

Their efficiency is really impressive. The Digirad staff is very professional and great with throughput. They coordinate and prepare the tests, which allows me to continue seeing other patients.

We always receive good feedback from the patients and our staff regarding the Digirad team. There is a consistent group of 6 or 7 rotating techs, which allows the practice to really know the team.

What is the response to Digirad?

The local community knows that Greenwich Cardiology Associates offers outpatient imaging. Patients and referring doctors are delighted to know that imaging can be done outside the hospital because imaging in our office takes half the time it would at the hospital.

What are some of the benefits of using Digirad?

Without Digirad, there is no way we could offer this type of imaging in an outpatient setting. When making the decision at the time, we prepared a detailed pro-forma to look at the benefits of owning a camera versus using the diagnostic services from Digirad, and for our office, Digirad service made more financial sense.

Also, with Digirad, the patients and doctors can go over the results in our office. Overall, it is a faster and more pleasant experience for everyone involved.


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