Customer Profile: Diagnostic Cardiology Group

Digirad recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Selcuk A. Tombul and Patti Dennis of the Diagnostic Cardiology Group in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Diagnostic Cardiology Group has been a Digirad customer since 2008, and they use our nuclear and ultrasound services two to three days per week to complement their full-time service. Dr. Tombul and Ms. Dennis spoke to us about their experiences with Digirad and discussed some of the ways that Digirad has accommodated their needs.

The Diagnostic Cardiology Group was founded in 2004 by four partners, but they’ve since expanded to include six full-time physicians who provide a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic services. Presently, the practice is a multi-specialty group with three areas of focus: interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, and invasive and nuclear cardiology.

The Shift to Nuclear Cardiology

Around 2008, the partners decided to pursue nuclear cardiology but were concerned about the required expenses and regulations. Not only were there costs associated with dedicated nuclear equipment, but there were also radiation requirements that would involve significant staff training and credentials. This was difficult to accommodate due to frequent fluctuations in their appointment volume.

They went with Digirad due to the flexibility, quality, and value of the services provided. Essentially, Digirad’s onsite service allows them to gain the financial benefit of in-office nuclear diagnostic testing without the cost of equipment ownership, and headache of maintaining it. They never have to spend money on equipment or staff they are not using, and they can adjust the number of days the service is used according to their appointment demands.

Digirad Benefits

The Diagnostic Cardiology Group identified a number of benefits to using Digirad’s services. Dr. Tombul appreciates the quality of Digirad’s equipment and reports. Digirad provides the practice with access to state-of-the-art equipment, and all he has to do is provide a patient exam space. And with the web-based PAC system, a report can be generated rapidly in one setting, saving time, administrative space, and personnel.

Ms. Dennis explained that from a patient’s perspective, Digirad’s onsite services are more convenient and less costly. Patients don’t have to travel to a different location, and they also appreciate the professionalism and promptness of Digirad’s staff when they are onsite. And because the practice receives the reimbursement for using the service, there is a better value all around. Thanks to Digirad, the Diagnostic Cardiology Group can keep their overhead in check and still provide their patients with outstanding value and service.


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