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How to reduce False Positives with SPECT MPI imaging

A false positive is an abnormal test result that unnecessarily promotes a patient to the next level of testing. It’s problematic, especially in today’s economic environment, because it places an additional cost burden on patients, the healthcare system, and insurance companies. It also exposes patients to higher risk invasive procedures,

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How to compare cardiac monitoring options

Cardiac monitoring is focused on the collection and interpretation of a patient’s heart rhythm. Different technologies have been developed to accomplish this goal, each with different features and methods for collecting the data. These methods include: Holter A Holter monitor is a short-term, continuous monitoring device that tracks the heart

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Key differences between Holter Monitors and Telemetry

Both Holter monitors and mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) provide ways to monitor a patient’s electrocardiogram for an extended period of time. Their main purpose is to determine the cause of a transient event by recording a patient’s heart rate and rhythm during normal activity. Although similar, Holter monitors and MCT

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Cardiac Monitoring Service: Do cardiac trained RNs make a difference?

While there are many variables to consider when partnering with a cardiac monitoring service, the reading expertise of the clinical staff is one of the most important. Cardiac monitoring services that employ registered nurses offer an undeniably higher level of readiness to their customers and their patients. Their expertise allows

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Atrial Fibrillation Detection and Cryptogenic Strokes

One-third of stroke and transient ischemic attacks are categorized as having no known cause, or cryptogenic. Recent studies have suggested that atrial fibrillation (AF) could be a possible cause for these cryptogenic strokes. If atrial fibrillation is known or suspected, early detection and monitoring is key. In a study reported

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When do I use Holter, Event Monitoring, or Mobile Telemetry?

When a patient reports symptoms of an irregular cardiac event, physicians can choose to monitor cardiac activity using a Holter monitor, cardiac event monitor, or mobile cardiac telemetry. Holter monitors are often a physician’s first line of defense when a patient reports symptoms of a cardiac irregularity. They are a

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Non-diagnostic Holter, Symptomatic Patient…Now What?

When a patient expresses symptoms or exhibits signs of a cardiac irregularity, many cardiologists look to the Holter monitor as their first line of defense. While Holter monitors can be effective, it’s not uncommon for them to be returned as non-diagnostic. In fact, many physicians report non-diagnostic rates as high

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Advances in Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry

Mobile cardiac outpatient telemetry (MCOT or MCT) is an innovative technology that cardiologists use to monitor patients’ every day cardiac behavior. The technology that powers MCT is continually evolving and below are a few of the latest innovations we are seeing emerge. One-Piece Devices Traditional MCT systems have been two-piece

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