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Can you outsource your nuclear lab accreditation?

IAC or ACR accreditation is a critical component of a quality assurance program and directly affects your reimbursements. Considered the industry’s gold standard, accreditation demonstrates adherence to strict national quality standards that ultimately ensure the highest level of patient care. Accreditation is an ongoing process The typical accreditation process can

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Understanding the requirements of a Quality Improvement (QI) program

Maintaining a successful and accredited nuclear lab requires a consistent Quality Improvement program. However, many practices may be intimidated by what they believe to be a highly detailed and complicated process. The truth is, maintaining a successful QI program is easier and more straightforward than you think. The accreditation process

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Changes to IAC Nuclear/PET Accreditation Standards

2017 updates: What you need to know The Standards and Guidelines for Nuclear/PET Accreditation are instrumental in effecting the quality of patient care that the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) is committed to maintaining. As an accreditation organization, they work hard to ensure their program strikes a balance between the changing

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