10 Myths about Mobile Imaging – Part 1

Mobile imaging service is a cost, time, and resource-effective alternative to owning and operating your own Nuclear Cardiology lab, but there are understandably a number of questions around the service. Will I get paid? Are the images any good? Is the staff qualified? These are good questions and we want to take a moment to address 10 of the most common myths we hear.

1. Portable or Mobile imaging cameras do not provide the same quality images or accuracy as a fixed imaging camera.
Digirad’s mobile imaging cameras use digital solid-state circuitry that is more advanced than most other fixed or stationary cameras in the market. Our platform is high quality, stable, and reliable, so we can convert our technology into a mobile, portable format. Digirad’s mobile imaging cameras are dependable and used in luminary institutions. The images that mobile cameras produce are of equal or often better quality to, and as diagnostically accurate as, the images produced by stationary or fixed camera systems.

2. Mobile camera operators are not as well-trained or committed to providing accurate, quality images.
Digirad employs highly skilled personnel with specific imaging and personality skill sets. These highly technical professionals also undergo a thorough screening process prior to being hired. Upon starting with Digirad, all technologists undergo extensive training on our systems, on our processes, and on customer service. They also benefit from our continuous improvement processes, ongoing education, and evaluations. This ensures that our employees are held to higher quality standards which include customer and patient satisfaction requirements. Digirad also offers our employees quarterly incentives that are issued for outstanding performance.

3. Mobile imaging is not allowed under Medicare.
Many physicians are concerned that mobile imaging is not regulatory-compliant and accepted under Medicare because it is not performed at a hospital. However, Digirad’s service is regulatory compliant under Medicare, and further, we are accredited by and through the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission. Our services and models are independently audited to ensure federal and state compliance.

4. Insurance companies will not pay for, or pay less for, mobile imaging.
The vast majority of insurance companies do not have a preference for mobile or stationary cameras. Insurance companies provide reimbursement based on accreditation. Through our Diagnostic Services, our clients are fully accredited by IAC which is recognized by CMS and by private payers. Digirad clients also have access to national reimbursement consultants at no additional charge. Our Diagnostic Services provide solutions for the various challenges that physicians, healthcare systems, and hospitals face.

5. Mobile imaging is too expensive, and my practice will lose money.
This is simply not true. Mobile imaging is a very cost efficient approach to providing SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) for your patients. When you own a Nuclear Cardiology Lab, the biggest financial challenge is that your fixed costs (equipment, repair & maintenance, licensing, physics consultation, accreditation fees, accreditation consultation, etc.) per study can continue to increase. With our As Need, When Needed, Where Needed approach, that is never an issue. Using our mobile services allows your practice to pay-as-you-go with a known cost basis that results in known profitability to provide these services for your patients. Without the fixed overhead cost, Digirad mobile imaging is a very cost efficient choice for practices who desire high-quality imaging services at a lower price.


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