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Cardiac Imaging

Time for an upgrade? Don’t settle.
Future-proof your lab with the X-ACT+

Only the X-ACT+ gives you the power of CT technology based Attenuation Correction with the convenience and affordability of traditional SPECT.

Digital Cardiac SPECT

Update your lab with digital imaging technology

Rapid Imaging

Triple-head technology speeds imaging

True Attenuation Correction

Clearer, more accurate studies vs. traditional SPECT

Easy Set-up & Install

Fits in standard exam room and no shielding required

Upgrade your lab and get it all with the X-ACT+

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“Modernizing our labs and utilizing the newest technologies is not an option, but rather a mandate.”
Mouaz H. Al-Mallah, MD, MSc, FASNC
President, ASNC

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The X-ACT+ features three,
solid-state detector heads
for fast acquisition times. 


The X-ACT+ provides
SPECT/CT like performance
with fluorescence x-ray
attenuation correction


On-board acquisition
and processing system
that is Windows 10 based


Upright imaging reduces
attenuation artifacts, provides
clearer images, and a
better patient experience.


Ergonomic design
that is patient friendly,
allowing for quick and
easy stress test studies.

Flexible Acquisition Options are Available

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