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Our mobile imaging solutions help our clients manage their diagnostic needs by providing world class service for their patients while creating, maintaining or growing their profitability.

1. Consult

The most critical step in the process is a full analysis of the current clinical and economic needs of your organization by our implementation team. It is important for us to understand the types of patients under your care, the scope of services you provide, and the structure of your organization. Your current approach might be a single office in-house program or a multi-location approach that tries to send patients into one central office or hospital-based location. You might also be referring all diagnostics out and have a need to add service lines within our practice or system. Once we understand the level and scope of your needs, Digirad is able to analyze the data. Together, we can determine if Digirad can provide your organization with a more compelling, more comprehensive, and more cost efficient solution for the betterment of your organization and the patients it serves.

2. Accreditation

Digirad offers accreditation services to help alleviate the expense, time and aggravation of tackling the complex accreditation process on your own. We manage the entire application process including: equipment physics testing, Medical Director services, and compiling the required images, data and reports necessary for application submission. We also manage the ongoing policies and procedures required for maintaining accreditation after acceptance.

3. Schedule

Your Digirad program will include a schedule of services scaled to fit your needs. Digirad delivers to your point of care at a frequency and cost efficiency determined by you. You may elect a fixed site solution featuring five days a week of diagnostic services. Given today and tomorrow’s healthcare changes, most will choose one of our portable, in-office options. Typically Digirad will visit each client location on a weekly basis. Based on your requirements, this could be any or all of our diagnostics programs. Your days are reserved for predictability and easier patient scheduling, but can be changed as your needs evolve.

4. Service Day

On your service day, Digirad arrives with exactly what you have chosen from our available services including equipment, technologists, licensing, preauthorization and PACS administration. We provide the elements you need for success. Patients are greeted by your team and are then provided the selected scope of diagnostics by the licensed and accredited team of Digirad specialists. Images and reports are available on a cloud-based PACS generally within 24 hours.

5. Billing & Coding

At the conclusion of your service day, we will provide a complete record of the patients cared for, the services provided, and associated billing codes. All aspects of billing and coding are reviewed with your billing staff prior to the initiation of your program. Should any questions arise during any phase of the billing and collection process, our team of local and national experts are available to support your teams’ efforts.

6. Program Assessment

One key benefit of Digirad is that we scale to your needs. If you have a busy week or month, we can increase as needed. If volume has slowed, we can scale back. As your practice evolves, so does your Digirad program. Periodically, we will meet to assess the program to make certain it is evolving in harmony with your organization. Our clients include world renowned health care systems, nationally recognized clinics, and integrated and independent medical practices. Interested in learning more or in scheduling your consultation?

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