If you operate a nuclear cardiology lab, then you are required to have a radioactive materials license. Digirad has several ways of assisting you with the licensing process.

Completely Outsourced

If you use one of our Digirad Select packages that includes equipment, you are able to leverage Digirad’s radioactive materials license. By listing your office as a location of use on our existing license, you can avoid all the costs and expenses of licensing your own facility. Digirad will maintain and ensure the required protocol, including a radiation safety program, physics, meeting notes, etc.

Managed License

The two components of licensing are (1) obtaining the license and (2) maintaining the license. If you already have a radioactive materials license, Digirad can assist you by maintaining the requirements of your current license. We simply transfer the license into Digirad’s name, which allows you to leverage the processes, procedures, and protocols that are already in place.


Obtaining your own license requires hiring a physicist to interact with the governing body. Digirad is able to offer you physicist support in order to apply for the license, perform the required internal audits, and interact with the licensing organizations.
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