Ergo Boost

Upgrade Package

The new Ergo Boost Upgrade Package from Digirad will bring a new level of features and productivity to your existing Ergo camera.

Package Includes
  • New Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • New, Larger Monitor
  • Cedars CSView Processing Package
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Wireless Transfer Connectivity
Ergo Boost Upgrade Package

Transform Your Existing Ergo

Digirad is committed to the Ergo platform and our customers who use this groundbreaking camera every day.

Through the Ergo Boost package, we’re offering an easy way to transform your existing equipment and achieve a new level of benefits from your investment in Ergo.


Windows 10 on Digirad Camera

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Transform Your Existing Ergo

Go Mobile

With 2 hours of mobile battery use, you can now use your Ergo on the go and not worry about recharging.

Enhanced Security

With a Windows 10 operating system and an on-board computer, your Ergo can become much more secure.

All-In-One Processing

With Windows 10, Cedars CSView, and wireless technology, you can now process directly on the Ergo.

Faster Recharge

In addition to longer battery life, the recharge time is now 4x faster than the previous generation Ergo. 

Boost your Ergo to the next level with an upgrade that adds battery life, processing power, and more!

Ergo Boost Nuclear Gamma Camera

Charged and Ready

The Ergo Boost package includes a brand new, lithium-ion battery. This complete replacement utilizes the latest technology available and delivers 8x battery life, enabling you to spend more time focusing on patient care.

Enhanced Security

With an Ergo Boost package, your camera will be upgraded to Windows 10 operating system. With a new, integrated computer and the most up-to-date patches, your Ergo is more secure than ever.

CSView Package

The Ergo Boost upgrade package includes the Cedars CSView processing package. Now you can view and process studies directly from the camera without the need to transfer the data to a separate processing station.

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Ergo Boost

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